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5 New Scents Now Available



*Brand New

*Citrus Delight

*Fine as Wine


Enjoy 20% off on all Air Freshener Disk & 2oz Spray  Bottle Products for the entire Month of December.
Apply Promo Code "Jingle21" for Additional 15% off at Checkout!

Now Available Soy Wick Candles & Wax Cube Melts





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Elite Fresh Air Freshener



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Elite Fresh Car Care Products


Tip of the Week

Best Sellers

Spray Air Freshener near

High Traffic areas such as Doorways & Windows, Air Vents. Spray on Carpets, Rugs, Draps, inside Trash Cans, etc for a Long Lasting Smell.


Always Test a Small Area Before

Heavy Usage.

Place Air Freshener Disk inside your Vehicle door pocket, Cup Holder or Under Your Seat near Air Vent. Cut Packaging Open After 25-40 days for Maximum Aroma


Do not place on Leather or Wood Materials!

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